How to stay grounded, by walking on the ground.

In a recent podcast interview (episode will be out soon), I discussed the importance of being grounded and I wanted to share some quick tips.

When we allow our body to connect with the Earth, we enhance our mental, physical, and emotional well being and create a more sound, clear way of thinking.

Being grounded is important because we tend to be “airy” when we are stressed, worried, anxious etc. When our body is under that sort of stress, it needs to be balanced out with some grounding exercises. In yoga, Savasana (final relaxation pose or corps pose) is such an important pose as it helps to root you to the earth, connect you to mother nature and calm the central nervous system. Lying on a firm surface helps the body calm itself.

Nina Manipon, a Natropathic Physician in Stamford, CT states that one of the easiest ways to ground yourself is to walk barefoot in the grass. Live in a city? Find a local park or playground. Live by the beach? Walk in the ocean. Walking barefoot connects our bodies to earth and allows our body to feel sensations unavailable while wearing shoes.

Other ways to ground yourself in nature:

+Go outside and place your hand/s on a tree you feel drawn to.

+Sit and imagine your life as part of nature.

+Walk barefoot along the beach, letting the water lap at your feet.

+Walk barefoot to the mailbox.

+Walk barefoot as your bring out your trash bin.

(Be mindful of any dog poo, glass, sharp rocks or other objects. no one likes a bloody toe or a smelly foot!)

DIY Non-Toxic All-Purpose Cleaner

I’ve slowly been switching my beauty and house products to non-toxic alternatives. I discovered this simple DIY all-purpose spray combines the power of three effective green cleaning ingredients – lemon peel, lemon juice, orange peel, vinegar and water!  It can be used virtually anywhere (except for on marble) in your home from the bathroom to the kitchen to the windows.  It’s a safe, eco-friendly, and cost-effective  way to clean and disinfect naturally!

What you need:

+Lemon peel

+Orange peel

+2 Tbsp Lemon juice

+1 Cup Distilled White Vinegar

+1 Cup Water

How To Make It:

+ Add the lemon peel, lemon juice, vinegar, and water to a clean spray bottle. Shake well.

+ Spray it on whatever needs cleaning and let it sit for a few minutes to allow mineral deposits to loosen and surfaces to be disinfected.

+Rinse surface with water or a damp cloth.

*The low pH (i.e., 2.0 pH for lemon and 2.2 pH for vinegar) and acid content of the citrus and vinegar (i.e., citric and acetic acid, respectively) make it an inhospitable environment for many microorganisms to grow. It is great at combatting germs and mold!


+ For mineral build-up around fixtures or excessive mildew in the shower, give this spray some more time to work before cleaning with an old soft-bristled toothbrush, or scrub brush. Then rinse well.

Use it with some baking soda for extra scrubbing action. 

Caution: Products with vinegar and citrus juices are not recommended for use on marble since they can etch the surface. Vinegar can also irritate your eyes if contact occurs. Flush liberally with water for 5 –10 minutes if the product gets in your eyes.

Warning: Don’t ever mix vinegar with bleach. It will create toxic chlorine gas. So, be mindful of this before you start cleaning!




Take Back Your Sunday

Oh, the good old Sunday Scaries. It’s got to be one of the most #hashtagged phrases on social media because we’ve all been there.

You have an awesome, fun, silly Saturday night and feel like you are being punished by the universe the minute your eyes open up on Sunday morning. You might feel a bit anxious, a bit down in the dumps, a bit tired from the lack of sleep, dehydrated/hungover and maybe even a little bit panicked from all the money you spent last night. Not to mention a bit sick to your stomach from all of the junk food you indulged in.

Here is a new way to take back your Sunday. Think about the real reason why you are feeling a bit down come Sunday morning. It very well has to do with the fact that you had an awesome Saturday! You are feeling this way because of how much fun you had celebrating life with people you love. If you spent it smiling, laughing, dancing, drinking and eating with loved ones, then it’s no wonder that life (as it is all about balance) comes in HOT on a Sunday leaving you feeling..well.. yuck.

Life is all about balance and what goes up must come down. You gotta take the good with the bad, the happy with the sad. Life is always going to balance you out.

Here are some ways you can TAKE BACK YOUR SUNDAY

+Spend at least one hone phone/technology free.

+Take a hike, literally! Get outside and breathe in some fresh air.

+Eat something GREEN.

+Drink plenty of water. Hydration is KEY to feeling good.

+Spend some time reminiscing on the night prior, going over every laugh and smile you shared.

+Reach out to loved ones to check-in with them. Sundays are perfect for this!

+Take some time to just chill out and do nothing, and DON’T feel guilty if you weren’t as productive as you would have liked to be.


You’re going to be just fine. Mondays always suck but think about how lucky you are to get some time to indulge with loved ones. It’s a pretty sweet life we live.


DIY Lemon & Coconut Sugar Body Scrub

GUYS! I just made the most delicious body scrub and I wanted to share it with you.

Here Is What You Need:

+ 1 Cup Coconut Oil- melted

+ 2 Cups Sugar

+ 50 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

+ A big bowl for Mixing

+ A Mini Mason Jar

How To Make:

+ Put the 1 cup of coconut oil in a microwave-safe bowl in the microwave for about 45 seconds, or until fully melted.

+ Add 2 cups off sugar to the coconut oil and mix! Pro tip: add a little more sugar if the consistency is too oily.

+ Add about 50 drops of lemon essential oil to the mixture!

+ Put into a cute mason jar, add a bow or some string, and TA-DA!

Look at how crafty you are! This makes the perfect gift or bathroom/kitchen essential 🙂 Enjoy!


Self-Love; The Importance Of Putting Yourself First

I sit on the floor of me bedroom as I write this 3 days before Valentines Day. I can already feel the looming social pressure of this Hallmark holiday.

It’s hard to ignore Valentine’s Day when it feels like everyone you know is suddenly in a relationship professing their love on Instagram.

Listen, I am not hating on the lover’s out there, but I just took a different approach to Valentine’s Day this year. And it was ALL about me for once.

“I choose to love myself fully” and “I accept where I am today”. These are my 2 mantras for Valentines Day 2018.

This year I am focusing on being okay with who I am and where I stand on my self-growth journey. This is the year I will remind myself that loving who I am is more important than anything or anyone else in the world. If I am able to be made of love, I will have the capacity to give some of that love out to others in it’s purist form.

That being said..

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. May you love yourself fully.


The First Time Away Felt Like Home

Have you ever fallen in love? Did you realize it was love before it took over your entire body, mind and spirit? It’s hard to put that sort of feeling into words, to share it with another and convey the magnitude of the feeling.

The first time I met New Zealand, I fell in love.

It was during my trip when I realized there was no going back; I was inspired by every “being” I met.

Two years later, I sit at my computer writing about inspired beings in inspiring places.