Breakfast in a jar; My two favorite recipes

Breakfast in a jar

Here are some of my favorite ways to meal-prep breakfast! I like using a jar because it is easy to clean, easy to transport and is the perfect size for brekky.
I have a long commute in the morning so I usually prep breakfast the night before and keep in the fridge so I can grab it on my way out the door. Then I enjoy my breakfast with coffee at my desk.
I’ve came up with some pretty unique breakfast options and I am excited to share them with you!
The Egg and Sweet Potato masher:
+Hardboiled eggs
+Feta cheese
+Sweet Potato
+A jar (I use a Mason jar or a coconut oil jar)
+Roast sweet potatoes on 425 with some olive oil and cinnamon for about 25 minutes
+Hard boil 2 eggs
+Use a jar, add sweet potatoes as your base, followed by feta cheese, avocado and hard boiled eggs.
+Let cool and put in the ride
+Add in some salt, pepper, red pepper flakes or hot sauce if you like!
+In the morning, take a fork and mash up the eggs, avocado, feta and sweet potatoes for a delicious breakfast!
Overnight oats:
+Quick oats
+Milk of choice
+Peanut butter
+Protein powder
+Chia seeds
+Honey to taste
+A jar
+Cover 1/2 cup of oats with a generous serving of milk. I like to make sure there is an inch of liquid covering the oats
+Add in your toppings! Go wild here, the more the better 🙂
+Stir well
+Let sit in the fridge over night, making sure to add more liquid as needed

Why I quit CrossFit and why it’s okay if you do too.

Ohhhhh, CrossFit.

CrossFit might be one of the most debated fitness modalities on the internet: is it healthy? Is it sustainable? Is it safe? Is it too intense?

It took me months to try CrossFit and weeks to get hooked. CrossFit was the community and team I didn’t realize I was missing. And then I stopped CrossFit all together.

I spent most of my life working out. I was a swimmer from age 8 until I graduated college at 22. I spent hours on my craft, hours in the cold pool at 6am, and hours sitting in beach chairs on humid pool decks. Despite the physical workout, I also spent hours obsessing over what to put into my body as fuel and hours trying to optimize my nutrition. Not to mention I was ALWAYS hungry.

After college I went through a very typical post-athletic identity crisis; Who was I without swimming? How much time did I actually want to spend exercising? I decided that I wanted to mix it up and be on my own schedule for a change. I joined a regular LA Fitness gym for a few years, spending most of my time on the elliptical, not really thriving or knowing my way around the gym. I got bored really quickly.

I later spent a few years traveling around the world, living in New Zealand and backpacking around Europe and South America. I loved travel and did not miss the intensity of swimming or the rigid schedule. I had been so conditioned to follow my coaches training regime and to eat well and to always put swimming first. It felt so good to break free from the athletic constraints.

I didn’t miss working out at all, but I did noticed that my body had changed a lot since my athletic days. I didn’t feel confident, I wanted to get back into shape so I began running and immediately injured my achilles. Whoops! Who knew running was so technical?

Friends of mine were getting into CrossFit. In fact, it was ALL they talked about. Their conversations circled between the WOD, their personal records, mastering new movements, looking like literal fitness models, and so on. It seemed like they were CONSUMED by CrossFit. I found it obnoxious at first.  It seemed too intense, too life-consuming, too much. I had no interest in having athletics rule my life again.

Somehow, with much persuasion from my friends and a desire to get fit, I tried a CrossFit class. My first WOD? Karen- 150 wall balls for time and a 200 meter run whenever you took a break. I have never been so sore in my life, it took me days to recover. (This would be a trend that continued in my time as a CrossFit “athlete,” the never ending soreness).

It ignited something inside me. It made hungry to improve, to get fit, to keep going. Not to mention I became enamored with the community aspect of the gym. There were social events, happy hours, a book club, cool apparel, and a sense of comaraderie that mirrored my swim team days.

I literally sold my soul to CrossFit after one week, buying the Nike CrossFit shoes, the Metcons, a jumprope, wrist wraps, and pull-up grips. I felt like I found a home at the gym.

Fast forward 2 years. CrossFit had given me such an appreciation for fitness. I had thrown myself on the ground, got myself back up, mastered butterfly pull-ups, hand stand push ups, improved my strength and overall fitness. And then something changed. I moved across the country from the suburbs of Connecticut to Denver. I joined a new gym, a new community, and to my surprise, began to question my involvement in CrossFit for the foreseeable future.

A big obstacle was the price of a CrossFit membership. CrossFit is not cheap. I struggled to continue to justify the nearly $200 per month I was spending, not to mention the gear, like, did I really need 3 pairs of CrossFit sneakers?

Another interesting thing that happened was my body started telling me that it didn’t want to lift anymore. I tried to ignore it and I started lifting lighter, skipping the heavy deadlift and squat days, or skipping the gym in general. My once CrossFit-obsessed persona was no longer. What happened?

I want to highlight why I think it is so healthy to try new things that scare you, and then to change your mind and try something else.

I had preconceived notions about what CrossFit was at first. I assumed I would hate it right away. I was surprised by how much I let it consume my life, to the point that I ended up in the ER one night after 18.2 of the CrossFit open workouts. I slipped off of the pull-up bar due to fatigue, landing on my tailbone and fracturing my hip.

My CrossFit world came crashing down. I started to re-evaluate everything about CrossFit. Why had I pushed myself to such lengths and to the point of total exhaustion. I was so hungry, so competitive, that I had not been looking out for myself. To be frank. this is more of a “me” problem than a CrossFit problem, but not at all an uncommon reaction to the level of intensity required to remain competitive in the gym.

So, long blog post short to say, I quit Crossfit and I do miss it here and there. I miss the sense of community but I do not miss the body fatigue. *I really don’t* I don’t miss the soreness, the nauseous feeling that comes from the high intensity workout, the intense competition and hunger, never feeling satisfied with your accomplishments, always striving to get stronger, better, & fitter.

I think my body appreciates this too. I realized this: Listening to your body should be your number one motivator. Listening to yourself, tuning into whatever feels right is the MOST important way you can live your life. If you are doing something because it’s, “trendy,” or because all of your friends are, or because you like how it makes you look, how is that ever going to fulfill your soul? You are the number one priority. If your body is telling you something, girl, boy, other, you better listen up.

How to stay grounded: by walking on the ground

In a recent podcast interview (episode will be out soon), I discussed the importance of being grounded and I wanted to share some quick tips.

When we allow our body to connect with the Earth, we enhance our mental, physical, and emotional well being and create a more sound, clear way of thinking.

Being grounded is important because we tend to be “airy” when we are stressed, worried, anxious etc. When our body is under that sort of stress, it needs to be balanced out with some grounding exercises. In yoga, Savasana (final relaxation pose or corps pose) is such an important pose as it helps to root you to the earth, connect you to mother nature and calm the central nervous system. Lying on a firm surface helps the body calm itself.

Nina Manipon, a Natropathic Physician in Stamford, CT states that one of the easiest ways to ground yourself is to walk barefoot in the grass. Live in a city? Find a local park or playground. Live by the beach? Walk in the ocean. Walking barefoot connects our bodies to earth and allows our body to feel sensations unavailable while wearing shoes.

Other ways to ground yourself in nature:

+Go outside and place your hand/s on a tree you feel drawn to.

+Sit and imagine your life as part of nature.

+Walk barefoot along the beach, letting the water lap at your feet.

+Walk barefoot to the mailbox.

+Walk barefoot as your bring out your trash bin.

(Be mindful of any dog poo, glass, sharp rocks or other objects. no one likes a bloody toe or a smelly foot!)

DIY Non-Toxic All-Purpose Cleaner

I’ve slowly been switching my beauty and house products to non-toxic alternatives. I discovered this simple DIY all-purpose spray combines the power of three effective green cleaning ingredients – lemon peel, lemon juice, orange peel, vinegar and water!  It can be used virtually anywhere (except for on marble) in your home from the bathroom to the kitchen to the windows.  It’s a safe, eco-friendly, and cost-effective  way to clean and disinfect naturally!

What you need:

+Lemon peel

+Orange peel

+2 Tbsp Lemon juice

+1 Cup Distilled White Vinegar

+1 Cup Water

How To Make It:

+ Add the lemon peel, lemon juice, vinegar, and water to a clean spray bottle. Shake well.

+ Spray it on whatever needs cleaning and let it sit for a few minutes to allow mineral deposits to loosen and surfaces to be disinfected.

+Rinse surface with water or a damp cloth.

*The low pH (i.e., 2.0 pH for lemon and 2.2 pH for vinegar) and acid content of the citrus and vinegar (i.e., citric and acetic acid, respectively) make it an inhospitable environment for many microorganisms to grow. It is great at combatting germs and mold!


+ For mineral build-up around fixtures or excessive mildew in the shower, give this spray some more time to work before cleaning with an old soft-bristled toothbrush, or scrub brush. Then rinse well.

Use it with some baking soda for extra scrubbing action. 

Caution: Products with vinegar and citrus juices are not recommended for use on marble since they can etch the surface. Vinegar can also irritate your eyes if contact occurs. Flush liberally with water for 5 –10 minutes if the product gets in your eyes.

Warning: Don’t ever mix vinegar with bleach. It will create toxic chlorine gas. So, be mindful of this before you start cleaning!




Take Back Your Sunday

Oh, the good old Sunday Scaries. It’s got to be one of the most #hashtagged phrases on social media because we’ve all been there.

You have an awesome, fun, silly Saturday night and feel like you are being punished by the universe the minute your eyes open up on Sunday morning. You might feel a bit anxious, a bit down in the dumps, a bit tired from the lack of sleep, dehydrated/hungover and maybe even a little bit panicked from all the money you spent last night. Not to mention a bit sick to your stomach from all of the junk food you indulged in.

Here is a new way to take back your Sunday. Think about the real reason why you are feeling a bit down come Sunday morning. It very well has to do with the fact that you had an awesome Saturday! You are feeling this way because of how much fun you had celebrating life with people you love. If you spent it smiling, laughing, dancing, drinking and eating with loved ones, then it’s no wonder that life (as it is all about balance) comes in HOT on a Sunday leaving you feeling..well.. yuck.

Life is all about balance and what goes up must come down. You gotta take the good with the bad, the happy with the sad. Life is always going to balance you out.

Here are some ways you can TAKE BACK YOUR SUNDAY

+Spend at least one hone phone/technology free.

+Take a hike, literally! Get outside and breathe in some fresh air.

+Eat something GREEN.

+Drink plenty of water. Hydration is KEY to feeling good.

+Spend some time reminiscing on the night prior, going over every laugh and smile you shared.

+Reach out to loved ones to check-in with them. Sundays are perfect for this!

+Take some time to just chill out and do nothing, and DON’T feel guilty if you weren’t as productive as you would have liked to be.


You’re going to be just fine. Mondays always suck but think about how lucky you are to get some time to indulge with loved ones. It’s a pretty sweet life we live.