Self-Love; The Importance Of Putting Yourself First

I sit on the floor of me bedroom as I write this 3 days before Valentines Day. I can already feel the looming social pressure of this Hallmark holiday.

It’s hard to ignore Valentine’s Day when it feels like everyone you know is suddenly in a relationship professing their love on Instagram.

Listen, I am not hating on the lover’s out there, but I just took a different approach to Valentine’s Day this year. And it was ALL about me for once.

“I choose to love myself fully” and “I accept where I am today”. These are my 2 mantras for Valentines Day 2018.

This year I am focusing on being okay with who I am and where I stand on my self-growth journey. This is the year I will remind myself that loving who I am is more important than anything or anyone else in the world. If I am able to be made of love, I will have the capacity to give some of that love out to others in it’s purist form.

That being said..

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. May you love yourself fully.


By Not Another Wellness Blog

Hey guys! I'm Nat. Thank you for checking out Not Another Wellness Podcast/Blog.

I am always on the go searching for ideas, inspiring people, new places and natural things. I love a good conversation with someone who has done something remarkable. I am an avid cold brew coffee and Kombucha drinker (preferably one in each hand) and I love natural health, beauty and home products.

This is a wellness blog, about travel, entrepreneurship, health, wellness, fitness, kombucha, and certainly DIY crafts and projects I have enjoyed lately.

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