Self-Love; The Importance Of Putting Yourself First

I sit on the floor of me bedroom as I write this 3 days before Valentines Day. I can already feel the looming social pressure of this Hallmark holiday.

It’s hard to ignore Valentine’s Day when it feels like everyone you know is suddenly in a relationship professing their love on Instagram.

Listen, I am not hating on the lover’s out there, but I just took a different approach to Valentine’s Day this year. And it was ALL about me for once.

“I choose to love myself fully” and “I accept where I am today”. These are my 2 mantras for Valentines Day 2018.

This year I am focusing on being okay with who I am and where I stand on my self-growth journey. This is the year I will remind myself that loving who I am is more important than anything or anyone else in the world. If I am able to be made of love, I will have the capacity to give some of that love out to others in it’s purist form.

That being said..

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY. May you love yourself fully.


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