Top 10 Pregnancy Must-haves..

When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t know what I would need or didn’t need. In hindsight, these are some essentials that made the transition a bit easier.

Here are a list of my top pregnancy must-haves:

  1. Maternity sweatpants. This is my number 1 pregnancy recommendation! I loved these so much, I ordered two pairs and they are all I wore (and still wear postpartum). Pregnancy can be uncomfortable to making yourself as cozy as possible is a MUST. I gained a lot of pregnancy weight and there was no pair of maternity jeans that felt comfortable.
  2. Granny Panties. I know what you’re thinking…I hear you, but you know what gets more and more uncomfortable with a growing body: thongs. I stopped wearing them a few months into pregnancy and I bet you will too. Invest in some comfy undies (and don’t be embarrassed to size up) and you’ll be glad you did.
  3. Greens powder. I really struggled to get enough veggies when I was pregnant because the thought and taste of them repulsed me. If you have veggie-aversions, especially in the first trimester, try a greens powder to get those extra vitamins without having to chew on any broccoli!
  4. Protein powder. Another struggle I had with food aversions was protein. I didn’t want to eat anything but carbs for the first 6 months of my pregnancy. What saved me was making berry smoothies with protein powder in the morning (or at night) to fill the protein gap that was inevitably happening. Protein is important for pregnant mamas!
  5. Hydration. Drinking enough fluids is SO important during pregnancy and postpartum. Some pregnant women get nauseous when they drink water (I know, how weird, right?) but these Nuun tablets are a great way to stay hydrated and they taste great!
  6. Belly band. Things sure started to ache during the last trimester- I’m talking pelvis pain galore! I ordered this belly band to wear on long walks and it really helped my pelvic and lower back pain.
  7. Self-care: dry brushing! This is one of my self-care go-to’s before I was pregnant and during. Dry Brushing feels amazing and is a great way to feel energized in the morning when you’re otherwise feeling like snoozing. (Do that too, rest as much as you can!)
  8. Slippers: because shoes are not as comfortable when your feed are swollen.
  9. Pregnancy Pillow– this is a MUST. Especially as you get further along, you will be grateful for the extra support. Side sleeping is the most recommended position for pregnancy.
  10. Epson Salt for baths. I took a bath at least once a week during my pregnancy. As your belly grows, it puts more and more strain on your back and hips. Baths were a great way to unwind and de-stress.

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