The First Time Away Felt Like Home

Life blissfully abroad

Have you ever fallen in love? Did you realize it was love before it took over your entire body, mind and spirit? It’s hard to put that sort of feeling into words, to share it with another and convey the magnitude of the feeling.

The first time I met New Zealand, I fell in love.

It was during my trip when I realized there was no going back; I was inspired by every “being” I met.

Two years later, I sit at my computer writing about inspired beings in inspiring places.

By Not Another Wellness Blog

Hey guys! I'm Nat. Thank you for checking out Not Another Wellness Podcast/Blog.

I am always on the go searching for ideas, inspiring people, new places and natural things. I love a good conversation with someone who has done something remarkable. I am an avid cold brew coffee and Kombucha drinker (preferably one in each hand) and I love natural health, beauty and home products.

This is a wellness blog, about travel, entrepreneurship, health, wellness, fitness, kombucha, and certainly DIY crafts and projects I have enjoyed lately.

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Not Another Wellness Podcast.

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