Resting vs. Relaxing

What is the difference between resting and relaxing?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.

When I rest, I am usually focused on doing less and physically being still and quiet. I think about focusing on one thing at a time, listening to my body, and breathing deeply.

A lot of restful activities are also relaxing, such as meditation and taking a bath, but relaxing for me is less about sitting still and more about finding things that ground and calm me. I know that I need rest and I also need activities that make me feel present.

Last weekend I got to spend four relaxing days with my boyfriend’s family. I would qualify it as more relaxing than restful because we certainly kept ourselves busy with  activities and prioritized time together over sleep (plus, his adorable niece was too cute to ignore at all hours of the day)! 

Spending time with his family was definitely relaxing and grounding but I did feel like I needed some deliberate resting after a long day of traveling back to Denver.

So, I laid in bed last night and did absolutely nothing (except check instagram, admittedly) before going to bed. It was lovely to rest after relaxing. 

I suggest we ponder the ways we like to do both. I suggest we think more about what we need and more about finding balance between the two.

Doesn’t it sound lovely just thinking about it? Now imagine living it.

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