…When we don’t see our experience reflected back to us…

…It feels lonely.

When I spend time around other new moms, I anticipate connecting with them on motherhood. But this doesn’t always happen.

More often, I see other moms navigating motherhood differently than I. At least, it appears that way. It’s hard to know what someone is going through on the inside when their outsides are shiny and polished. It’s hard to connect with a person who is committed to being or acting a certain way about their life.

I don’t think I’ve ever been that great at being shiny or polished with anything. And I think that might be my “thing”. Showing a slightly less shiny version of the story to the world with the goal of connecting with others who feel similarly.

I want to highlight a version of my story that lets others know their experience, while it may be different, is totally and fully okay.

Like, you don’t have to become a mother and automatically love and adore everything about being a mother. The reality is, you might resent parts of it. Parts that feel unfair or overwhelming. You might feel love and hate at the same exact time.

So, if you ever need someone to feel connected to in all the ways you are messy, I am your girl.

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